XeerSoft partners with Kolej IEWM to provide software training students for FREE

XeerSoft Sdn Bhd signed an MOU with the Kolej IEWM and agreed to provide the company's "account365" accounting software and training to the latter's students free of charge, in order to train accounting professionals who meet the needs of the times and meet the needs of the industry.

XeerSoft CEO Mr. Wong Wai Kit said that there are hundreds of thousands of SMEs in Malaysia and it is difficult for accounting software vendors to train all customers. Therefore, the best way is to introduce the latest software to universities as a teaching material, so that students can keep up with market and technology trends. In the future, entering the workplace can provide information and services related to small and medium-sized accounting systems, which will strengthen their competitiveness.

The combination of account365 and cloud technology not only allows the software to be used on computers and mobile phones, but also allows each student of the practical course to open a personal account for free use in the actual business of family or friends.

Pn Rozita, acting CEO of the college, and Dr Hema, the principal of the college, also said that the Business Management Course will be opened for registration from May to July 2020, all SPM students and working adults can apply for their course. The college will also have more financial management courses and accounting courses in succession, giving students more choices. For more details, please visit the college website https://iewmcollege.edu.my/