Academic Staff




BSc.(Hons) Mathematics with Statistics, UNISEL.

Mathematics Lecturer.

I base my teaching on the belief that the only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics. While the process of reading examples and proofs in textbooks and from lecture notes is valuable, the real learning comes through one's own efforts at solving mathematical problems, either computational, theoretical, or both. This is achieved mostly through class assignments, but also through in-class discussions and exercises. I view my role as a facilitator for this process. I must design the framework in which learning can take place, and then stimulate and nurture the students' development, giving help in terms of knowledge, techniques, and encouragement. My goals in teaching are not just to promote learning of the subject matter. I also try to help the students learn to think logically, learn problem-solving methods and techniques.



B.IT (Hons) in Information System ,UNITEN. 

Information Technology Lecturer.

I believe the fundamental goal of teaching is to foster learning. Learning takes place in many different circumstances and contexts. Although everyone is capable of learning. My job, as a private higher institution lecturer, is to create an atmosphere that fosters learning. I encourage learning by creating a relaxed environment for students, stimulating conversation about concepts being presented and organizing material in a way that makes it easiest to understand.


B.A. (Hons) in Translation & Interpretation, USM.

English Lecturer

As a lecturer, I love to motivate my students of knowing English since it is a second language to them. The students come from various backgrounds and most of them are not using English in their daily lives. It is my responsibilities to assist them in loving this language and try to make it as fun as possible to learn it. In my class, even my students can be a teacher. Everybody is free to talk and assist everyone. I believe it is the best way to make my students be more confident in them and, of course, be more comfortable in the language.


B.Eng (Hons) in Electronics Engineering, UiTM. 

Engineering Tutor

Learning is the beginning of success and the long life process that never ends. With this mentality, I believe that all students have their right to get as much knowledge and I am happy to share my knowledge with student whether the knowledge is in syllabus or from my experiences. All students are capable of learning and experiencing success. Learning should be an exploring process of knowledge with fun and interactive ways. I would like to provide and motivate them a curiosity, enthusiastic and enjoyment while the process of teaching and learning. This two ways communication is the key of success while the running process of exploring the knowledge. Classroom is where the student should feel safe, happy, relaxing and gain their courage to face the reality of life. The good environment will give positive and encouraging altitude to help student building their confident and abilities. Provide student with the knowledge that can help them in real world is the main objective in teaching philosophy.